Hyun Bin covers January 2023 issue of Esquire Korea

Actor Hyun Bin decorated the cover of the January 2023 issue of men's fashion and lifestyle magazine Esquire Korea.

Hyunbin, who is the official ambassador of Swiss luxury watchmaker brand "OMEGA," perfectly introduced the "OMEGA De Ville Prestige collection" through this photo shoot.

In the interview, Hyunbin gave an update on how he has been doing, said, "I had a short break ahead of the release of 'Confidential Assignment 2: International.' I thought about how to approach the characters during that time. In the new work 'Harbin,' I'm trying to approach the character in a different way."

Hyunbin has shown unique presence in many works. Hyun bin said, "I always think that I should not dwell on popularity, because I may someday fall out of the public's attention."

He also mentioned the upcoming movie "The Point Men" and said, "Recently, I thought a lot while filming 'The Point Men.' I was especially influenced by my senior Hwang Jung-min."

Regarding his ever-changing appearance through various genres of work, Hyunbin said, "It is a job that is evaluated by acting and the results of the works. It is not fun to tell a story that is repeated or familiar to the audience or viewers, and I am not interested in acting either, so I keep looking for new things little by little. The greater the novelty, the greater the fear, but at the same time I feel like I want to keep challenging myself. That's the driving force."

When asked about that his fellow actors said he is a perfectionist, Hyunbin said, "I can't say that myself, but I want to be a perfectionist at work. The actor's work is not done alone, so I tries to minimize mistakes."

When asked what he hopes for in 2023, Hyunbin said, "I hope 'The Point Men' will be loved by many audiences, and the filming of 'Harbin' will be completed without any problems. I hope that the things I've done well this year will continue well until next year."