Lee Jong-suk and IU are dating

Actor Lee Jong-suk admitted his romantic relationship with singer and actress IU.

On December 31, Lee Jong-suk's agency HighZium Studio said, "Lee Jong-suk has recently developed from good fellowship with IU to a lover, and continues to have a serious relationship."

After a while, IU's agency EDAM Entertainment also admitted that IU is dating with Lee Jong-suk.

On December 31, the media Dispatch reported rumors of a romantic relationship between Lee Jong-suk and IU. According to Dispatch, Lee Jong-suk and IU spent two nights and three days of Christmas holidays at a luxury resort in Nagoya, Japan.

Lee Jong-suk and IU's acquaintances told Dispatch, "The family has already admitted their relationship. IU sang a wedding song for Lee Jong-suk's younger sister, and Lee Jong-suk invited his younger brother on a Christmas trip."

Lee Jong-seok won the grand prize for the drama "Big Mouse" at 2022 MBC Drama Awards held on December 30. In his acceptance speech, Lee Jong-suk said, "After finishing my military service, I had a lot of worries, fears, and pains, but there was a person who helped me think positively. Taking this opportunity, I want to say, 'Thank you for always being cool. I've liked it so much for a long time. I respect you so much.' When I saw this person, I thought, 'I should've worked harder.'"

The person Lee Jong-suk mentioned was IU. In addition, Lee Jong-suk and IU were the MCs of SBS's "Inkigayo" 10 years ago. Now they have officially become lovers.