KARA Kang Ji-young and Hur Young-ji featured in February issue of Cosmopolitan Korea

Fashion magazine Cosmopolitan Korea released photos of the group KARA's "Youngest Line" Kang Ji-young and Hur Young-ji on January 25.

In the interview, Hur Young-ji talked about KARA's 15th anniversary album "Move Again," saying, "It's meaningful in itself, but getting to know Kang Ji-young and Nicole unnie is the biggest blessing." Kang Ji-young said, "Personally, it was the first stage in 10 years. Is this possible? I was nervous, but it was possible because of the members."

In addition, the two said that they had their first time working together through this activity, but they became more precious friends than anyone else. Hur Young-ji said, "I've been keeping the things that were difficult to tell older sisters into myself, but I asked Ji-young, a friend of the same age. We had a lot in common so she became a friend who I rely on so much."

Kang Ji-young said, "After the schedule, we took a picture of what we do at home and send it to each other. Young-ji sent me a picture saying, 'I'm watching this on TV right now.' And we were watching the same program."

When asked if it's okay to wait for the "Jiyoungji" unit, Kang Ji-young said, "I wish I could do something cool," and Hur Young-ji said, "I've imagined everything. Our song has already been released and we are active."