Brave Girls Minyoung opens a cafe and says she is still a singer

Girl group Brave Girls member Minyoung explained the rumors of career change.

On March 4 throught Instagram story, Minyoung posted a photo with a message that began with "To those who read articles and contents related to the cafe, give a lot of support, and unintentionally leave expressions of regret."

Minyoung's recent situation of becoming a cafe owner was recently revealed through an online community.

Regarding that, Minyoung said, "First of all, thank you so much, and I plan to work harder in various activities and my main job in the future. The cafe is my hobby and the realization of my small dream for a more free communication channel with fans. I'm still thirsty for various activities, stages, and music."

"I'm just starting. I haven't changed my career, so please keep an eye on and support Minyoung's new activities in the future. Cafe owners all over the country, fighting! You are amazing. But my main job is still a singer."

Meanwhile, the group Brave Girls, which Minyoung belongs to, received a lot of love from "Rollin," which was released in 2017 and climbed back in the charts in 2021. Recently, Brave Girls completed their exclusive contracts with the agency Brave Entertainment in seven years, after the release of their last digital single "Goodbye" on February 16.