BTS Jimin releases "software ver." and "hardware ver." concept photos for solo album "FACE"

BTS Jimin caught the attention of fans around the world with new concept photos featuring another charm. On March 11, Jimin posted the concept photo "Software ver." for his first solo album "FACE" on BTS's official SNS.

"Software ver" photos expressed Jimin facing his most internal face through repeated wandering and wounds in the process of facing himself. The wounds on Jimin's face, which revealed a natural and pure atmosphere, added curiosity.

The concept photos for "FACE" consists of several layouts to show various aspects of Jimin. "Software ver." shows another charm of Jimin in a different mood from the previously released "Hardware ver."

Prior to the release of his first solo album "FACE" on March 24, Jimin will sequentially introduce track posters and music video teasers, and pre-release the track "Set Me Free Pt.2" on March 17.