H1-KEY tops music chart in 65 days after the release of "Rose Blossom"

The group H1-KEY topped the music chart a year and two months after their debut.

H1-KEY (Seoi, Riina, Hwiseo, Yel), who released first mini album "Rose Blossom" on January 5, topped the Bugs real-time chart with the title song "Rose Blossom" as of 3 pm on March 10 KST.

In addition, H1-KEY ranked 20th on Melon chart, 7th on Genie chart, and 10th on FLO chart.

H1-KEY is breaking their own record for the first time since debut with "Rose Blossom." H1-KEY, who entered the Melon TOP100 daily chart at 98th place on February 24 and announced the start of the rise in music charts, ranked 54th three days later.

Not only that, H1-KEY ranked third after NewJeans and BLACKPINK in the February girl group brand reputation ranking released by The Korea Reputation Institute on the 12th of last month.

In the Physical Album Chart of Real-time Hanteo Chart provided by Hanteo Chart, H1-KEY unusually won the first place in the sixth week of the album's release, not the first week.

H1-KEY said through the agency GLG, "As we were able to confirm with our own eyes that the rankings were higher than expected, we felt that so many people listened to our songs and so grateful. We hope that our songs can give comfort and hope to many people in the future."