Hwang Min-hyun says he can express what he dreamed of through solo album in an interview with GQ Korea

Hwang Min-hyun, who took on the challenge of "solo debut" in his 12th year of debut, released a pictorial with fashion magazine GQ Korea on March 7.

In this photo shoot, Hwang Min-hyun showed off an unique atmosphere that is different from the existing image.

In the interview, Hwang Min-hyun talked about his first mini album "Truth or Lie," "When I released a solo album, I imagined what kind of music and style I wanted to perform. I think I was able to express a little of the things I dreamed of in this album."

Hwang Min-hyun also said, "I'm determined that I would be grateful for everything and work hard. Both singer Hwang Min-hyun and actor Hwang Min-hyun can't be given up. It's not easy to catch two rabbits, but I want to do well. As a singer and as an actor, I have a strong desire to do better."

Hwang Min-hyun's pictorial cuts and interview can be found on GQ Korea's SNS and website.