Jang Ye-eun to release lead single "Strange way to love" on March 20

Jang Ye-eun from the girl group CLC will visit listeners with a pre-released song before her official solo debut. According to SuperBell Company, Jang Ye-eun will release the lead single "Strange Way to Love" on March 20.

"Strange way to love" is a song that contains Jang Ye-eun's unique color of love that bloomed in the long wait, and is her pre-released track ahead of her debut as a solo artist.

Along with the news, Jang Ye-eun also released the cover image of "Strange way to love" and the logo depicting the alphabet "YEEUN" with a four-leaf clover and a butterfly on her official SNS channel.

Jang Ye-eun announced the signing of an exclusive contract with the new agency SuperBell Company in August last year. She has been active in various programs, including featuring works with SORN from same group CLC, and R&B artist oceanfromtheblue.

Jang Ye-eun's "Strange way to love" will be released on various music sites at noon on March 20 KST.