Ji Chang-wook for Elle Japan on March 2

Actor Ji Chang-wook completed the pictorial with perfect visuals. Japanese fashion magazine ELLE JAPAN released a pictorial and interview with Ji Chang-wook on March 2.

In this pictures, Ji Chang-wook drew attention by sensibly posing with the conspicuous green knitwear. He also naturally used the balloons as props in a chic expression to give off his own charm.

The interview along with the photo shoot contains depth thoughts on Ji Chang-wook's work and role, and the story of Ji Chang-wook as a person. It is said that Ji Chang-wook, who has a sense and boyish innocence, made people on set laugh with his words.

Ji Chang-wook proved his popularity by attracting about 5,000 audiences through a fan meeting held in Yokohama, Japan in February. Meanwhile, Ji Chang-wook's next film, "The Worst of Evil," is set to be released worldwide through Disney+ in the second half of 2023.