NMIXX reveal fantasy concept photos for 1st mini album "expérgo"

JYP Entertainment's new girl group NMIXX will release their first mini album "expérgo" and the title song "Love Me Like This" on March 20. At 0:00 on March 11, the fourth set of concept photos conveying fantasy emotions were released.

In et īris super concept photos, which means "over the rainbow," you can see the mysterious atmosphere and the members going on an adventure together to a faraway place after solidifying their bond with their fans NSWER.

The colorful space stimulated infinite imagination, and Lily, Haewon, Sullyoon, Bae, Jiwoo, and Kyujin completed a special concept with dreamy visuals and aura.

The title track "Love Me Like This" is a song that mixes street vibe bounce rap and R&B style vocal lines. The world-famous production team LDN Noise was in charge of arranging. The lyrics express the true connection and change process of people who can love themselves and each other on a trendy sound.

NMIXX's first mini album "expérgo" and the title song "Love Me Like This" will be released at 6pm on March 20 KST. On the day of the comeback, NMIXX will hold a showcase "Docking Station : expérgo."