Paul Kim signs with new label Whyes Entertainment

Singer-songwriter Paul Kim joined hands with new entertainment. Paul Kim announced the birth of Whyes Entertainment on March 6.

"Whyes" is a combination of Why and Yes, and is a new expression that starts with "Why not?" Even if it is a logical or intuitive decision, it contains the heart of "let's make a choice without regret" through various ideas, free ideas, and expressions.

Whyes Entertainment said, "We want to create a process where we can be satisfied with the path we have walked when we look back in the distant future. New challenges always coexist with excitement and tension. We want to pursue excellence rather than perfection and provide good music and various music. Please support and look forward to Paul Kim's future activities."

In the future, Paul Kim will focus more on music through Whyes Entertainment, and Kanverse, a professional operation company, will be in charge of management.