"The Private Life Of The Gods 2" to premiere in April

MBN's variety show "The Private Life Of The Gods 2 - Greek Roman Myth" will premiere in early April.

It's the season 2 of "Greek Roman Myth - The Private Life Of The Gods," which was aired last year. "The Private Life Of The Gods" is a history knowledge variety show to introduce easy and fun stories from greek roman myth with excellent storytellers.

In this season, Lee Chang-yong, an art history docent famous for "Man who reads pictures," joined the MC team following actress Han Ga-in, lecturer Seol Min-seok, and professor Kim Heon at Seoul National University.

The production team said, "This time, interesting stories about 'Gigantomachia' and 'war on Typhon' will be unfolded. Please pay a lot of attention to 'The Private Life of The Gods 2' where you can learn how to live in the world while gaining enlightenment in mythology."