WSG Wannabe Gaya-G to release new song produced by composer Cho Yeong-su in March 17

Gaya-G, a project group formed last year through MBC's variety show "Hangout with Yoo," will release a new song "Eventually I'll Reach You" at 6 pm KST on March 17.

Gaya-G's new song "Eventually I'll Reach You" will be released in about eight months after "At That Moment."

The new song was produced by composer Cho Yeong-su, who caused a medium tempo boom in the 2000s, with the groups SG Wannabe and Seeya, and it's a classic medium tempo song that expresses the preciousness and excitement of finding love this spring.

As Gaya-G (Lee Bo-ram, Jung So-yeon, HYNN, Jung Zi-so) has previously set amazing records such as topping music charts, winning No. 1 on music shows, and winning a special award at 2022 MBC Entertainment Awards, expectations for the new song are rising.